Captin Everything!
Captin Everything!
Union 2112 Records
CAPTAIN EVERYTHING! sprung into life in the UK almost years ago, when Watford schoolboy Lewis asked his idol, Jon, to be in a band. Together they searched the globe and found a second rate beatnik with a set of drums (Rich), and sealed their fate, cementing 5 songs of rapid fire poppy skate punk in the first rehearsal.

"It's Not Rocket Science" (Union 2112) is Captain Everything!'s third full length release, but only their first in North America. They toured supporting this unbelievably catchy pop-punk release in Canada in June/July 2004 with Belvedere and Bigwig. For fans of NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Snuff, Nerf Herder.
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It's Not Rocket Science
Captin Everything!
It's Not Rocket Science
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