Pale Lips
Pale Lips
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Say bonjour/hi to Pale Lips! Four young women, each alike in musical taste, converge in fair Montréal, where we lay our scene.

Old time rock n roll, as well as many classic punk rock, junk shop glam and power pop bands of the 1970s sit together as the main influences of the Pale Lips sound. Listen carefully, and you may just notice the particular attention paid to honouring their rock n roll predecessors begin to pop out at you. Clever, original song writing paired with relatable themes and a healthy respect for the classics have gained the girls the appreciation of rock n rollers across the globe. If you're searching for more than the droning, uninspired, static, single chord of convention, if you're tired of those rife with piety, yet devoid of soul - look no further.

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